Liverpool-born artist BANNERS is back with a new visual for his latest, uplifting single, “Got It In You”. First released in its acoustic form and debuted on Grey’s Anatomy in March, the song is equally good as a full-produced single, and transmits an important message: that the key to your happiness is in you. In true BANNERS style, it is a stunning anthem for believing in yourself, and to not letting anyone’s words define you. And now, the accompanying video touts that same message, reminding us this as we follow a woman who has just woken up, and is piecing together the previous night as she picks up broken glasses. “I know you think your fire is burning out / But I still see you shining through / You got it in you,” BANNERS sings amidst the breakdown she has before realizing only she has the power to bring herself peace and happiness. Watch below.

“It was specifically written to someone I really care about,” explains BANNERS frontman, Michael Nelson. “I’m basically saying, ‘You can do it. You’ve got this’. It’s easy to convince yourself anything good that has happened up until today is due to somebody else’s talent. So, it’s a subconscious reminder to myself I can do it as well. It was the first time I was back at the piano following my own internal compass. It worked out well.”