Need a pick me up for the rest of the week ahead? Look no further.

Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Mike Nelson, who performs under the name BANNERS, has released a new song, “Got It In You”. The song, released Friday, was heard last week on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and again in Tuesday’s episode of The Good Doctor.

While you may not recognize BANNERS’ by name, there’s definitely a chance you’ve heard his music in some form, as part of a chill study playlist on Youtube or in the soundtrack of a show. His impressive depth of sound makes the song perfect for the tender parts of an ABC family drama, or for the moment of crescendo of a fleeting romance. Lyrics aside, the production quality is equally as good, with a sole piano line carrying much of the song.

“This song is a bit of a reminder that if you ever doubt yourself, you’re great and you’ve totally got this,” BANNERS says of the song. “You’ve got it in you,” he sings.

Listen to “Got It In You (Acoustic)” below.


And if you haven’t heard of BANNERS thus far, be sure to check out his latest EP, Empires on Fire (2017).