Earlier this summer Lorde released her highly anticipated second album, Melodrama. If you haven’t listened to it yet, we recommend you do that right this very instant. If you have listened to it, you know it’s great. The return of Lorde was marked by the release of the “Green Light” music video, and today we got our second music video from the album, this time for album closer “Perfect Places.”

The video features Lorde in a gorgeous beachside home in an equally gorgeous tropical location. By all accounts, it looks like a perfect place. But as Lorde spends her days drinking, dancing, and lounging in this setting, she seems mighty lonely. Like the song says, this “perfect” place might not be so perfect after all.

In a tweet earlier this afternoon, Lorde revealed that there are some easter eggs in the new music video, which will surely give fans something to look for on repeat viewings.

Watch the video up above and see if you can spot any of those secrets for yourself.
Melodrama is out now.