San Diego rock multi-instrumentalist Christopher Sluka—known simply by his last name in the world of music—has a brand new full-length album that was released earlier this summer. Titled Colorful Radiation, the album shows Sluka experimenting with a vast variety of styles and sonic soundscapes, resulting in a roughly 37-minute journey through mostly mellow areas of classic and alternative-inspired rock music. Apart from some additional vocals and instrumentation, Sluka recorded the entire album himself, playing guitar, piano, drums, bass, violin, trumpet, trombone, French horn, ukelele, and synthesizer.

This is Sluka’s 11th studio album. Let that soak in a bit while you also consider the facts that he’s a distance runner, an aircraft pilot, and a visual artist/painter. That’s a lot of talent and ambition for one person, and that really only scratches the surface.

You can stream Sluka’s 10-track Colorful Radiation in full below via Bandcamp, where it’s also available for purchase. Let us know what you think.