The Veronicas have returned with a brand new single, “Biting My Tongue,” in which the band shows off a whole new side of their artistry.

The track was written by Jess and Lisa, and they directed the video for the track themselves. The Veronicas filmed the video in England prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. It stars the identical twins alongside actor/model/musician twins Bud and Aidan Brennan Williams and follows the story of feuding families and a star crossed relationship.


“Stepping into the role as directors on ‘Biting My Tongue’ came as a very natural progression as we have always taken the reins on all aspects of our creativity,” explain The Veronicas’ Jess and Lisa.

“Having always been heavily involved with the conception and creation of all our music videos, allowing ourselves that full creative control is where we feel most fulfilled and at home. We absolutely live for it.

We’ve wanted to work with Bud and Aidan Brennan Williams for some time since connecting with them online and knew this was the perfect opportunity. They are musicians themselves, with their band We Are One. Their charisma is captivating to watch onscreen and being twins we all have an intrinsic bond in knowing how to work together in a way only twins know how.

“Taking on the role as directors gave us a chance to add another level to the character development that we love about creating music videos. When we found Aidan and Bud, we were thrilled to create a concept that would bring to our fans the chemistry and closeness of twinship. It gives a deep and intense view of the love and threat of that bond.”