LA’s singer-songwriter Chelsea Collins has released her third-ever single, “07 Britney”. Yes, what comes to mind is exactly what Chelsea wants you to recall: , but it was also the year she came out with one of her best albums to date, ‘Blackout’. 

brash pop sonic existence is perfect for paying homage to Britney Spears’ 2007 existence. There’s indeed beauty in the wreckage as Collins— and Britney— have shown us, and “07 Britney” is a sparkling ode to one of her personal heroes.

And thankfully, the catchy number comes with an equally arresting video, which shows Chelsea playing closet dress up across different scenes around Los Angeles, honoring the iconic namesake in the title and making us long for summer nights outside. Watch below.

“Britney has inspired so much of my music,” Collins tells Substream about the song, and her love for Spears. “Not only are her songs amazing – “Toxic” is the best pop song of all time – but her visuals are out of this world,”  “You just want to watch her 24/7 and look up to her and wanna be like her. Plus her performance skills are crazy and she seems like the sweetest person ever.”

“If I’m gonna break down, I’ma break down pretty / I love myself but I hate this city,” Collins sings in an explosive start to the song. “If I’m gonna break down, I’ma break down pretty / all eyes on me like I’m ‘07 Britney / I’m running out of crazy / are you entertained yet?” We certainly are!

There’s more to expect down the line from the absolutely gifted Bay Area-born producer, classical pianist, guitarist, and songwriter (with an admiration for Trolls, anime, and goth aesthetics!), so stay tuned. She’s been writing songs for two years, so we’re all excited to see as those find their way into the world.