VP of Digital Marketing for Career Artist Management Freddie Morris definitely is a proud 90s ska and punk kid. MxPx may not do the ska, but they kill it with the punk rawk. We ranked the band’s extensive original studio albums together and it was more than self serving with a purpose.
10. Plans Within Plans (2012) 
FM: Best of times.
SW: Something left.
FM: Writing this piece together sounds like plans within plans…
SW: Hey yo. You cast down my heart a few times.
FM: It’s just the times, man. It’s in the past.
SW: You’re forgiven. I’m a lucky guy to be with you now.
9. Teenage Politics (1995)
FM: I’m glad that we cleared up this misunderstanding. Anyway, the first MXPX song that I ever heard was a live version of “Delores”.
SW: My girl hates the NRA.
FM: Wrong acronym.
SW: I’m the bad guy.
FM: False fiction. Billie Eilish knows a “Bad Guy”. Razor Ramon is THE bad guy. Quick question: How many times do you think that MxPx has played “Punk Rawk Show”?
SW: I don’t know. Inquiring minds want to know. I just love that this album was recorded when the band was so young and it still has that youthful exuberance.
8. Secret Weapon (2007)
FM: As the band aged, the members went from going to a “Punk Rawk Show” to being a part of a unit known as “Punk Rawk Celebrity”.
SW: I see what you did there.
FM: Good! That’s why I said and did it. The fact that the band was so far into its career and managed to write a classic MxPx song called “Secret Weapon” says a lot about the talent and drive.
SW: I agree. I think that this album is underrated and deserved to be at the top of the charts.
FM: Now I see what you did there. You’re on fire.
SW: Never better than now.
7. Before Everything And After (2003)
FM: I hope that the Super Bowl plays MxPx now after reading this.
SW: Dude. I remember seeing a muddy mosh pit Mike Herrera sing “Well Adjusted” and losing my shit. Seriously. I can’t find it.
FM: Ha! On a serious note, MxPx hit me in the feels with “First Day Of The Rest Of My Life”.
SW: Completely.
FM: (fist bumps him) I also feel that “Quit Your Life” didn’t get the love it deserved.
SW: I love that you’re highlighting the softer songs here. You’re the king of Westwood.
6. MxPx (2018)
FM: Nah, bro. I’m the king of Los Angeles. All of it.
SW: Sit your ass down, pipe dreamer.
FM: K.
SW: M. X. P. X.
FM: Magnify that plaid.
SW: I’m zooming in. I’m gonna echo your point on “Secret Weapon” on this record: Wow. Just google how well it crowd funded.
5. Pokinatcha (1994)
FM: Whenever I’m on the google, I see want ads that I’m not interested in. Fun fact: This record is the album that showed me that Jars Of Clay was an actual band and not just an art supply store product.
SW: I had my Bar Mitzvah the year this album came out.
FM: I didn’t. I listened to “Bad Hair Day” on bus rides to school.
SW: Probably on a discman! I love that song and the “Weird Al” record.
FM: This is such a revered debut album from a band about to blow the hell up.
SW: Or go to heaven!
4. Panic (2005)
FM: I prefer to hang in the darkest places. (pauses) Where I oft feel young and depressed. (pauses) Fuck you, Scott.
SW: Stop kicking and screaming, dog. (pauses) Are you planning on wrecking any hotel rooms, child? (pauses) Fuck you, Freddie.
FM: Only when grey skies turn blue will I come back to you, Mr. Waldman.
SW: That’s cold (streets). I feel that this album was an incredible post-major label release that had some quality radio bangers.
FM: I did hear that sound all over KROQ.
SW: (cries tears of happiness)
3. The Ever Passing Moment (2000)
FM: Speaking of happy tears, watching the band open its 2000 Warped Tour set in Orlando with “My Life Story” prompted all the feels to begin for this record.
SW: I saw ‘Em play right after Green Day that year at NYC Warped and I gotta say: I thought they were the next big thing.
FM: Equally as amazing on “The Ever Passing Moment” tour, Good Charlotte opened for the band.
SW: Dude. I feel that we have parallel lives and ultimate fakebooks, as I saw the same show on Long Island! I’m glad that you’re here with me.
FM: It’s undeniable: Without you, I’m foolish.
SW: You make me so proud, Frederick.
2. Life In General (1996)
FM: On the subject of names, I don’t have a middle name. It’s true! However, I wish that “emotion” was my middle name.
SW: Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t “emotion” your middle name?
FM: No.
SW: You’d be so much more of a chick magnet if that were the case.
FM: Well, in high school, “Christalena” was a song that I often put on special people’s’ mixtapes.
SW: If you end up marrying a girl named Andrea, I’ll clean your room once until my feet hurt.
  1. Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo (1998)
FM: I’m ok.
SW: You’re ok.
Party. Our house. Be there.