In order to remain sane, especially today, it can be vital to find a silver-lining in a variety of situations. Whether it’s in politics, your personal life, or maybe even your mental illness, I think it’s important to find humor in something, or anything while you can, under the right circumstances. So how do you find these blue clouds in a sky of gray? Well, Nude Shoes has done it, in such a goofy and humorous way.

Nude Shoes is the stage name for Asbury, New Jersey native Andy Katz, who has ulcerative colitis, a condition which causes inflammation and ulceration of the colon. Titled “Headache For A Decade,” the track chronicles Nude Shoes’ experience with having ulcerative colitis. But Katz won’t bow, and in fact, he’s made a somewhat silly video to document his condition with his brand new single.

The video opens with a short title, explaining, “this song is about Andy. He uses the bathroom a lot.” Put together by Conor Risi, the video is more-so a compilation of Katz and his nonsensical, but funny, quirks. It’s an interesting take on Katz’s condition. Take a look:

Regarding the video, Katz says, “‘Headache for a Decade’ is about my ongoing battle with ulcerative colitis. I recently overcame a pretty nasty flare up and felt the need to write about it. The video takes a negative situation and puts a positive (and funny) spin on it. The best way that I’ve dealt with it is by having a little humor.

The cut is taken from Nude Shoes’ upcoming Suburban Ceremonies EP, which arrives on March 1st through Know Hope Records. “Headache For A Decade” follows the recently-released single, “Couple’s Jenga.” Fans can pre-order the EP here.

Regarding “Couple’s Jenga,” Katz explained, “This song is about a couple’s relationship essentially falling apart like a game of Jenga, one piece at a time. They both are actively taking apart the pieces one by one until it falls apart. The verses are someone realizing its over and they are in denial about it, and the chorus is the other person telling saying that they’re moving on.”

Nude Shoes will be playing a variety of shows this spring, including one coming up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania within a couple of days at No Face Studios. Then, a close-to-home show in New Jersey, followed by a show in Brooklyn, New York. A full list of dates and info can be found below.

2/23 Philadelphia, PA @ No Face Studios
3/16 Galloway, NJ @ Greenbriar House
3/26 Brooklyn, NY @ The Kingsland

Suburban Ceremonies EP tracklist:

  1. Couple’s Jenga
  2. Headache For a Decade
  3. Mental Stencil
  4. Gamma Jack
    Pre-order here.