I love to hear about entrepreneurial stories, especially when it involves music, hard work, good people and a pandemic! These are trying times no doubt. Do we sit on our asses and complain? Or, do we navigate the rough waters and find a way to succeed and cultivate new ideas? Born and bred by musicians and music industry veterans, Victare Watches has decided to do the latter by bringing a little style and class to this pandemic ridden year.

Victare Watches is a new brand out of Toledo, Ohio comprised of musicians who have all toured the country in a van, concert promoters, and independent record label reps who all share the same love and passion for both music and watches. The brand’s mission is to work with and through musicians/bands to help support and empower the music scene lifestyle and community. Starting only in January of 2020, you might consider Victare as “just another watch brand” or even the “new kid on the block”. However, they’ve already announced partnerships with Rook of Machine Gun Kelly, Seth Morrison of Skillet, Rory of Dayseeker, and many more to be announced in the near future.

“I’ve been working with Victare for a couple months now, and it’s been awesome working with the team! They’ve been so easy to work with, and I love how they embrace musicians and our community. One of the main things that drew me to the brand is the fact that I’m also from Ohio, and I’m very passionate about my Ohio roots. I love the grass roots mentality and I was really excited to partner with these guys. It’s obviously, but I can’t go without saying how quality the watches are! When I first got them, I was honestly blown away by the quality and they exceeded my expectations! Everything down the packaging is top notch. This is a difficult time for everyone including the music/touring industry. People rely on shows to make their living whether that be crew guys, bus drivers, etc and we all need to support each other during this time and be available to be a shoulder for each other. We WILL come out on the other side of this.” – Seth Morrison, Skillet 
“The first word that comes to mind is “classic”. The box alone looks like it would be holding the keys to a mint, high-end vintage car. The watches themselves embody that as well. It’s the perfect blend of classic and flashy.
The fact that the brand is run by musicians made it all the more easy to fall in love with. When something is made by an artist, you know it comes from the heart and is nothing less than perfect. For my fellow musicians out there, look at this time as an opportunity to be seen and spread the joy of music. The world is at home spending much more time on the internet and you can get yourself out there as well as bring some joy to people during hard times.” – Danny Case, From Ashes To New

(Photo; Kirsten Koschnitzke of Whisper Disco)

“In the midst of the current global pandemic with COVID-19, we at Victare have not only been affected by it, but we have seen so many of our friends in the music industry really struggling as well. We want to help in any way that we can, and strongly urge others to do the same. Show them how appreciated they really are. We honestly believe that once this battle with COVID-19 is finally won, the music industry will come back stronger than ever. Bands are eager to get back in the studio to create and get back on stage to let everything out. Fans are hungrier than ever to see their favorite bands live, and to feel that sense of human connection and community that live music always brings. If anything, we think this is a time of great growth of appreciation for the live music industry and it’s only up from here. Keep your heads up, keep creating, and Live Loud.” – Victare Team

Victare Watches Team
Thomas Steinke, CEO, Fearless Leader
John Fleischmann, Content Creator, Guitarist & Singer
Michael Neumann, Content Creator, Drummer & Singer
Cody Sizemore, Relations Manager, Guitar player
Sue Olman, Shipping Extraordinaire
Traci Ramirez, Shipping Extraordinaire

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