In a world as chaotic as ours it is easy to understand why so many people feel stressed, depressed, or some combination of the two. Life is not easy, but it could always be worse than it is right now. It could also be better, which is a message Lil Yachty promotes heavily with his latest single.

The video for “Better” arrived online last last week. In it, the self-proclaimed king of the youth awakes to find himself stranded on an island shaped like his own head (he doesn’t know this, but we do thanks to the opening and closing shots). It’s a scary predicament at first, but soon Yachty learns to enjoy his new home. Even then, he never loses sight of the fact there is more to life than merely getting surviving. Yachty wants to thrive, and he wants his fans to do the same. You can view the clip above.

Yachty’s viral popularity seems to have waned a bit over the summer as the Canadian rapper focused more on touring than releasing new music. This was a smart decision in the long run, as quality live performances have a way of keeping fans interested in whatever music may come in the future, but it has left a void in the digital rap landscape no other newcomers has yet to fill. If we had to guess, which we do because Yachty keeps his plans for the future tight-lipped, it is likely Lil Yachty will have more music – possibly an entire mixtape – to share before the end of 2017. Follow Substream on Twitter for updates.