Brooklyn, New York’s The Worst Humans are a rock band that pulls from all types of genres. From everything to jazz to grunge to a little bit of punk, this group has no musical boundaries.

This probably has a lot to do with their coming up, and previous musical endeavors the members of The Worst Humans participated in. Different members have performed on The Today Show and Good Morning America alongside Elle King, and have also shared the stage with American Authors, James Blunt, and the Fray. All of that comes together, as the band works their way through their local underground scene — slowly making a name for themselves due to their incredible, energetic live performances.

The band has released two singles to date, beginning in 2017 with “Gimme Poison” and following that up with “We’re on Drugs” in February 2018. Both showcase the bands influences shining through and mixing it all together to provide something that sounds so unique and representative of what The Worst Humans want to be.

Today, we are pleased to be premiering their third single as a band, called “What I’m All About.” The track builds off of the aforementioned singles, albeit a little more grunge driven this time around. The distorted guitar rings throughout, even as the song slows way down in the verses. The blistering chorus is simple and effective, as vocalist Ian Holubiak howls out “It’s what I’m all about” repeatedly. “What I’m All About” is a grunge anthem through and through, and one that is unapologetically reliant on that fact.

Holubiak goes on to explain that the song is meant to be relatable for everyone, stating that “If you’ve ever felt so bored that it infuriates you, or makes you want to die, then the thesis of this tune will resonate with you.

You can check out “What I’m All About” exclusively with us below, and hear the song for yourself. Make sure to keep up with the band on Facebook and Twitter for more news, as more exciting things should be coming soon!