Rome Hero Foxes have announced that their new album, 18 Summers, will be released on July 27th. The sophomore album shows a shift away from their post-hardcore roots and gravitate towards a newer, more upbeat indie-rock sound.

Expanding on the new music, drummer Adrian Romero explains that “It’s something different from what our listeners are used to, but I feel like we were meant to create music like this. I feel right at home when I listen to it.”

Guitarist Michael Fox adds on that “18 Summers is a huge step in the maturity of the band. Artists progress and mature over time and this record is the most comfortable I’ve ever been with our music. Our newer sound this closer to home with my influences growing up.”

Rome Hero Foxes burst onto the scene in 2016 with their debut, For When You’re Falling Backwards. They quickly turned towards a more surf-rock/indie-pop sound, following a self-imposed journey into a simpler, newer territory — this became evident on their 2017 EP’s I/O and Horoscope. That’s where 18 Summers comes in, as another natural progression and step in the right direction for a band always growing and evolving.

“During this time of writing all of this material, it made me envision all of these songs as this sort of time capsule-like void or world where time is slow, but life keeps moving faster,” explains vocalist and rhythm guitarist CJ Burton.

18 Summers is due out on July 27th, and while no single has been released yet, Rome Hero Foxes are expected to release the first one soon. In the meantime, you can check out the album’s artwork and track-listing below.

rome hero foxes 18 summers

  1. Lost In a Room
  2. Break Your Own Bones
  3. Chest Piece
  4. 18 Summers
  5. Be Your Side
  6. Don’t Call My Name
  7. San Junipero
  8. Don’t Close the Door
  9. Seattle Queen
  10. Good for You