While Dream Feed might be a name to you, the band’s frontman Miguel Dakota is a more familiar face to many. Dakota appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2014 as a finalist, and has been playing music with his band under the name of Miguel Dakota and The Differents since shortly thereafter. No matter what name they perform under, Dream Feed know how to play and they know how to rock. That’s why we’re excited to premiere Dream Feed’s new single “Sun and Moon” here on Substream today.

“Sun And Moon” lives up to its celestial name with a suitably large and expansive sound. A towering sound doesn’t work if the foundation isn’t solid, and bassist Will Gaines and drummer Brian Nolan live up to the task here, providing a funk-infused bed of sound for “Sun And Moon.” Dakota himself and lead guitarist Ryan Wagner throw down the swelling, swinging guitar riffs over there, with their ethereal sounds carrying the listener on their voyage. Dakota also has the perfect voice for rock, expressive and expansive while still containing just a bit of a bite and edge to it. Put it all together, and “Sun And Moon” is the rock jam of early summer.

Asked about the meaning behind “Sun And Moon,” Dakota says “Lyrically, this song focuses on the spirituality of love and it’s relationship to the physical world. The eternal dance of the Sun and Moon across the sky, represent our constant dance with love. Sometimes, we can be seen as the pursuer and other times we are the ones being pursued. Our anxieties and loneliness can often be amplified during the dark of night, but the light of love can be the beginning of the healing process. The moon’s control of the tide is likened to a lover’s magnetism controlling the rise and fall of our own emotions. When we find honest love, we find a companion that dances through the day and night with us.”

You can listen to Dream Feed’s new single “Sun And Moon” below. Turn up the volume for this one, trust me.