For this piece, artist manager Atreyue Ryken and I wanted to do something a little different. Not only did we rank Against Me!’s studio albums, but we each discussed our favorite songs from said albums with a minor explanation. Enjoy and rock the fuck out.

7. Shape Shift with Me (2016)
AR – “333” –
We agree.
SW – “333” –
We agree.
6. Reinventing Axl Rose (2002)
AR – “Pints of Guinness Make You Strong” –
I made many fragmented beer memories because of this song.
SW –  “Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious…” –
I did not rob a store because of this song.
5. Searching for a Former Clarity (2005)
AR – “Unprotected Sex with Multiple Partners” –
We agree part two.
SW – “Unprotected Sex with Multiple Partners” –
We agree part two.
4. Transgender Dysphoria Blues (2014)
AR – “Black Me Out” –
I first heard this song in its original acoustic version years before the album came out, and I made a lifelong friend/college band mate because of it.
SW – “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” –
Right from the get go, this album starts with its strong as fuck thesis statement.
3. As the Eternal Cowboy (2003)
AR – “Cliche Guevara” –
A bop.
SW – “Sink, Florida, Sink” –
I love it when a song starts with a strong and memorable vocal and this song exemplifies that.
2. New Wave (2007)
AR – “Borne on the FM Waves of The Heart” –
This song introduced me to Tegan and Sara, and its heartfelt catchiness powerfully resonates with its listeners.
SW – “The Ocean” –
Not only is this one of my favorite closing tracks ever, but this guttural and clever song is (by far) my favorite Against Me! tune.
1. White Crosses (2010)

AR: “White Crosses” –

The title track truly spoke to me as a teenager and it still does.

SW: “Because Of The Shame” –
A solid lyrical and melodic ballad from a band that excels in every style it pursues.