Today, Tamar Haviv is out with her latest uplifting single, “Come Together.” The artist is also pairing with Melissa Etheridge’s Etheridge Foundation in honor of  National Recovery Month & Suicide Awareness Month. This organization supports research and treatment for underlying mental health issues in conjunction with drug addiction.

This music video showcases people from all different continents who have been joined together by this bright, uplifting, and powerful song. 

Tamar describes the song as “a call to action for coming together with love, kindness, and compassion for one another. Mental Health impacts everyone and I hope this song brings you a bit of light in the darkness.“

Created and directed by Tamar, this music video was crafted to remind people during this unpredictable and isolating time that they are not alone.

“Come Together” is the first single from her upcoming EP, The Come Together Project, which is set to be released in mid-October. The EP is a collection of hopeful songs to bring us back to the pleasure of connecting with each other. 

Her EP embodies hopeful, quirky pop tunes carrying tales of love, longing, and friendship that we all can relate to. Tamar hopes to connect with her fans the same way one of her mentors, Amy Ray, has inspired her. 

“I’ve survived because of the work of other artists. I would love my songs to be a comfort for people – especially now,” she says.