New York City is a wonderful place, and even helped bring BHuman together. The duo — featuring Harrison Scott and transgender woman Billie Lloyd — crossed paths in the city, and pooled their talents together to form the project.

So far BHuman has released two singles, “2Different” and “Safe.” These tracks come from Lloyd’s first songwriting sessions since transitioning, which provides a unique, powerful perspective for the duo to write from. The duo’s works to serve as an emotional journey through their melodic hooks, intimately sung vocals, and haunting beats and synth tones. They tackle sexuality, gender, and self-love in an honorable fashion lyrically, attaching it to music that will make you want press repeat again and again.

Specifically, we will highlight “Safe” for you today as we have the video premiere for you to check out. “Safe” is a powerful statement of the emotional development from BHuman, specifically to Lloyd’s journey towards self-acceptance and understanding as a transgender woman.

“In a time when trans women often experience daily violence by their lovers, I wanted to represent the other side of that, a feeling of safety and freedom with a lover who truly accepts you and sees you as you are,” explains Lloyd.

The video — which features CGI models created by Michael Perez and Jericho Jingbo Ma, with editing done by Scott — is a wonderful counterpart to “Safe,” as it is an androgynous exploration of physicality with an aesthetic that heavilymirrors the duo’s electronic synth production.

“In the ‘Safe’ video, we wanted to explore the perceived freedom and safety of constructed digital identities and the ways in which people hide behind them. For many, online worlds are the only way that people can feel authentically themselves, but we also want to encourage people to connect beyond the digital screens and create safe spaces in the real world,” BHuman explain.