Sydney-based singer/songwriter, merci, mercy, has released a killer single “Fall Apart,” earlier this year. 

This track is accompanied by a dynamic video created by Bianca Cosso, who’s worked with Charli XCX. 

The half live-action, half animated video displays merci, mercy questioning the idea of getting involved with someone. The striking and bright colored images symbolize her self-described “cynical mind” as it relates to romantic relationships.

“I was so excited to film my first video,” merci, mercy shares. “I was a little nervous, but my sister bought champagne to loosen up during filming, and after a few takes, it was so fun. I love how Bianca has built an entire animated world for me, and with this video, it’s just taken it to the next level.”

Merci, mercy shared her debut single “Fucked Myself Up” this past spring and has gained 2.2 million Spotify streams. This brutally honest and intimate track was her introduction to the world as an artist. “Fucked Myself Up” is a song about merci’s struggle with social anxiety.

“I couldn’t be around people and fucking myself up was the way I dealt with it,” merci, mercy explains.

Her debut EP, No Thank You, No Thanks is set to be released October 16th via Liberation Records. 

This release is a glimpse at merci’s life at age 18. The six tracks are written about both personal experiences and observations of others and their experiences. 

“It was quite a therapeutic process for me to write these songs and I hope they might connect with people who have been through similar experiences,” she shares. 

The No Thank You, No Thanks EP can be pre-saved here.