Post Hardcore/Alternative Rock band Glass Heart has released their latest effort “Colourblind”. The Cardiff, South Wales band was created in 2019 by vocalist Adamross Williams, bassist Jake Bowen, guitarist Nathan James and drummer Samuel Gibbs. Their sound is a mixture of melodic vocal hooks with post hardcore rhythmic guitars and synths. If you’re a fan of Bring Me The Horizon, Holding Absence and Normandie, you’ll love Glass Heart!



“Colourblind” begins with a soft entry of vocals and synths that immediately grab your attention. It doesn’t take long for the song to reach the chorus continuing to keep your ear and continues similar to where it began. At 1:44 in to the song, the band explodes bringing in the post hardcore sound adding in new level of energy to “Colourblind”. Glass Heart does a great job of delivering all the elements any post hardcore fan would want!

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