I’ve been listening to Fellow Robot since the latter-fourth of 2018. And lucky for me (and us), the band is set to exclusively premiere a brand new split EP here at Substream. How fun!

The two tracks from Fellow Robot have a bigger indie sound than we’re used to seeing on any previous Fellow Robot tracks, where they’re usually making music that is very anthemic and theatrical. As for the Bundy songs, they provide a perfect counterpoint on the release.

On the album, Nani from Bundy explains, “Bathe in Black is a song inspired by the black paintings of Franscisco Goya. ‘Saturn devours his son’ depict the story of Kronos as he eats his children to stop the self fulfilling prophecy of death. We pose the question of ‘why should we be afraid of death?’ I could bathe in black I’m ready.”

Fellow Robot’s Anthony says, “Bundy and Fellow Robot have been working together for a couple years now. We’ve been great friends ever since Luis (Fellow Robot) recorded and mixed Bundy’s first EP. Since then, we’ve been helping each other with various tasks and projects and the Split 7” EP just made sense. We tracked and mixed everything in house, Nani and Jonny recorded and mixed “Clone Baby Live” while Luis mixed both ‘Bottle Ache’ and ‘Bathe in Black.’ Bundy is a hard working band and they take it upon themselves to lift up the Long Beach music community, especially with their live streams and podcast Bundy the Podcast. We are thankful to call them friends and work closely on music we are all so passionate about.”

Stream the EP below. Purchase here.