Everyone is always searching for the perfect summer song. It’s a quest we go on every year. There are a lot of criteria to consider, but some of the most important ones are the intangibles. A song of the summer should just feel happy and full of sunshine, shouldn’t it? With that in mind, the song of the summer might have just been released today. That track comes courtesy of pop artist Cyn, who dropped the aptly named “Never-ending Summer” earlier today.

“Never-ending Summer” is the distillation of everything you want in a summer song. It’s got a casual, laid-back beat that you can either dance to or let wash over you laying next to the pool. The production–provided by Lars Stalfors–is light and airy, providing a pleasing listen that you won’t mind putting on repeat. Then there’s Cyn herself, who extolls all the virtues of having a good time during the summer in her effortlessly warm and inviting lyrics. Her delivery of the lyrics makes it clear she’s having a good time, and that happiness and excitement for all things summer is what really puts “Never-ending Summer” on the top of our summer list.

You can listen to “Never-ending Summer” below. There’s even more reason to be excited for Cyn today, too. Her debut EP Mood Swing now has a release date. You’ll be able to listen to more of Cyn on September 20 when her EP drops via Unsub Records.