Initially formed as a group of high school kids just looking to make music, Spendtime Palace has since evolved into a full-time project with the release of their hit single, Sonora. Having just wrapped a month-long east coast tour and gearing up to get back on the road for the second half of their national tour with The Brazen Youth, Spendtime Palace is eager to share their debut single, Ms. Tenaja, off their upcoming album, All Inclusive Romantic Getaway.

Tackling themes of youth, rebellion, and the looming fear of growing up, “Ms. Tenaja” is not one to miss. Wrapped in fuzzy guitar riffs and overlayed synth, “Ms. Tenaja” is a blast of jangled surf rock just in time for Halloween. When asked about the song, Dan Fowlie, the lead singer of Spendtime Palace, said:

“Tenaja explores the freedoms of childhood, and the looming fear of growing up. We follow the band as elementary school students on a summer day as they go about doing what children do best. They are frowned down upon and ostracized by the grown-ups in the community who try to stand in their way of having a fun summer.”

You can check out their tour dates below, and pre-order All Inclusive Romantic Getway here.