Time is always flowing forward, but we don’t always go with it. There are certain situations and people who can root us in place, not growing or progressing as we should. It can be challenging to free ourselves from their grasps and get back to where we should be, but it’s something we must do. And when we do finally get to where we need to be, it feels great. Tei Shi is exploring that feeling today on her new track “Red Light,” the second taste of her upcoming album.

Tei Shi is very reflective on the situation on “Red Light.” The track is light and airy, a relaxed beat underscoring R&B synths and entrancing chimes. She now realizes these people were holding her back, and her lyrics are sung with a gentle, but firm delivery. “Red Light” is about moving forward, and there’s a satisfaction in her voice as she finally moves on with her life. It’s a relatable, deeply cathartic listen for those who are working on becoming their best selves.

Details are scarce on Tei Shi’s next album, but we do know it’s dropping before the end of the year. In the meantime, give “Red Light” a listen below.