It can be tough to live in the moment. There are a thousand different things we can all worry about at any given time. Going over what happened yesterday and concerns about what tomorrow brings will always loom. On top of that, we’re constantly inundated by distractions every second. Advertisements, notifications, memes, and alerts blare out of our screens and other devices at a never-ending rate. Through all of that, it is worth it to get away from everything and just live, right now. British band Amber Run clearly agree, and they’re bringing that attitude on strong today with new single “Neon Circus.” The track–the third from upcoming album Philophobia–is premiering right here on Substream today.

Fittingly, there is no wasted time on “Neon Circus.” Amber Run immediately launch into the chorus in the opening seconds, followed by an intro that takes the riffs in the chorus and push them to even bigger, bolder places. This is a wake-up song if I’ve ever heard one, with frontman Joe Keough urging everyone to get out of their haze and look at everything around us. The rock vibes are strong in this song, with high-energy drums and a chunky, riff-heavy guitar collection that grips the viewer by the shoulders and propels them into the atmosphere. There are a few especially cool musical moments where the tempo subtly changes, picking up the energy or drawing special attention to certain lyrics and melodies that play in those moments. Amber Run are full of bombast and righteous fury on “Neon Circus,” but they’re also committed to their usual craftsmanship and musical details, as well.

Keough had a very specific feel in mind about the track. He says “’Neon Circus’ is a call to arms. A comment on how perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate how we speak to one another. We wanted to find a new voice with this song. No insecurity. An assured and extroverted voice that could set the scene for the rest of Philophobia.”

You can listen to “Neon Circus” below. Amber Run are preparing for the release of their new album Philophobia on September 27, which you can pre-order here.