Midwest rock band Native Tongue released their debut EP, titled Driftwood Head, well over a year ago, in the fall of 2015. With a blend of heavy post-rock and soaring melodies (think Thrice meets As Cities Burn), the seven-track effort has played incredibly well for the five-piece. It’s a beautifully powerful release that resonates with the listener and definitely deserves more ears experiencing what it has to offer.

Today we have the honor of sharing Native Tongue’s newest music video for their single, “Gray.” The visuals, directed by Dustie Carter, represent the lyrical themes of the track well with strong imagery and body horror-like effects that, much like the sounds of Native Tongue, leave a lasting impression. Check it out:

“The idea behind the song ‘Gray’ originated in a situation where someone close to the band drove others away from him by retreating into a state of self-obsession,” explains vocalist Jon Emling. “The idea was then extrapolated further to coincide with themes from a book called ‘The Great Divorce,’ in that often self-centered [behavior] can blind us to the good things around us and trap us in our own sort of personal, self-created ‘hell.’ The song has a hopeful thread running through it, in which the character expresses a desire to believe that the light is still bigger and more powerful compared to the darkness that he has found himself in. ‘They say that to heaven’s broad expanse, the entire sum of hell is but one grain of sand.'”

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Driftwood Head, you can do so through Bandcamp or Native Tongue’s webstore.

Upcoming shows:
Feb 18 – That 70s House, Nashville, TN
Feb 24 – PG, Evansville, IN
Feb 25 – TBA, Paducah, KY
Feb 26 – Foam, St Louis, MO