For those of you who grew up after the Internet reached maturation, consider yourselves lucky. The early days of the Internet were filled with tons of sites that barely worked. Even those that did work were often hideous, filled with garish clipart and bad animation. It’s fun to look at now that we don’t have to deal with it, which makes the new music video from Lila Drew a treat. Drew transports herself back into those early days with the music video for her recent single “november.”

Drew logs onto an apple-shaped computer to begin the video. What awaits her is an incredibly vibrant, colorful remembrance of the old days of the internet. Everything from the old notes apps to a parody of MySpace appears on her desktop. We discover she’s there to look at old artifacts from an ex, which fits in with the somber nature of the track. Watching all of the painstakingly recreated images and videos is impressive on its own, and it’s also a fascinating juxtaposition seeing these bright colors over a sorrowful, minimalistic track.

Prepare for a serious blast from the past, and watch the music video for Lila Drew’s “november” above.