It’s easy to get bogged down at this time of the week. There’s a whole work week’s worth of stress to sort through and unwind from. It can be a lot to handle. It’s these times where it’s nice to have a song to put on that will completely envelop you and wash away all of that stress. Los Angeles-based NIGHTS–led by musician Mel Denisse–has released just such a song today. Put your headphones on and sink into the wonder that is NIGHTS’s new track “Surround.”

True to its name, “Surround” is a track that will swallow the listener whole. Built on top of a haunting guitar line and a brooding percussion section, the song quickly crafts an intimate feeling that will draw listeners in. There’s just a touch of some dark synthy production work on “Surround” as well. It’s enough to add an even eerier aura to the track without overpowering the driving and moving instrumental work that fuels the song. Over all of it is Denisse’s voice, which perfectly jumps from delicate to emotionally forceful as the lyrics need. Each piece of “Surround” works together in order to build the mood that’s so affecting in the final product.

You can listen to “Surround,” the new single from NIGHTS, through Spotify below.