The world can always use more love. It doesn’t even have to be romantic love. Tell your friends you love them more. Do nice things for strangers because you can. Be empathetic and connect with people. We could build a pretty decent world with more love. Spreading love is one of the valuable things music can do for us as a society, and MOTE (Nashville’s Joe Schneider) has a hearty dose of it for us today. We’re excited to premiere MOTE’s new track “World Wide Love,” taken from his upcoming EP Get The Door, set for release on June 7.

If there’s one word to describe “World Wide Love,” it’s “joyful.” The little loop that forms the base of the song is fun and bright. Each bit of production works off of that loop to give bursts of sound and excitement to the mix. Listeners can tell Schneider truly believes in what he’s singing, as there’s a happiness and hopefulness that is evident in his voice and his lyrics. The chorus is a burst of positive energy and sound. The bridge introduces some distorted guitars that spice the track up. Through every twist and turn, “World Wide Love” puts joy at the forefront.

Schneider is excited to see what each listener takes from the track. He says “My favorite thing about ‘World Wide Love,’ because there isn’t a definition, is that the phrase prompts the listener to imagine what world wide love looks like and feels like in their own mind. The song is very open to interpretation, but while I was writing it, I was thinking about how looking inside and trying to understand one’s self benefits everyone else too.”

You can find your own meaning in “World Wide Love” by streaming the track now.