Reflecting on our actions and past can be healthy. It lets us appreciate where we’ve come from, examine our mistakes, and move forward clearly. North Carolina’s Young Mister–the musical project of Steven Fiore–movingly took a look at his own past and career earlier this month with his track “What If I?” Today he gives that reflection a visual with the “What If I?” music video, premiering here on Substream.

The music video is serene and summery, as Young Mister examines things in the abstract. There’s no direct story correlation, but a series of gorgeous shots as Fiore sits and plays the guitar. Some of the footage is projected over him, while others get their own shots. As the song progresses we see firecrackers going off, skateboarding, and more of Fiore playing music around his house. It all feels very peaceful, like we’re getting a look inside some of his happiest memories.

Even the explanation behind “What If I?” carries an aura of whimsical abstraction. Fiore says “It’s a love song written to/for my musical career. She’s crazy, unpredictable, and I’m nothing without her, but I’m also nuts. Who’s to blame? Who cares. Let’s party.”

You can watch the “What If I?” music video from Young Mister below.