If you’re just discovering the multi-talented LA artist Ramsey, you’re in for a treat. Between a self-titled EP in 2017 and a slew of singles since, she’s showcased her abilities as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and powerful vocalist. Her brand of dark, creeping music will send shivers down your spine in the best way possible. She has another EP coming next month, The Art of Survival, but she’s showing off some more of her work a little early. Premiering right here on Substream, Ramsey has unveiled her new track “Red Light.”

All of Ramsey’s talents are on display throughout “Red Light.” The track crawls along eerily, with minimal production letting each note fade out into nothingness at first. Once the first chorus hits, she starts adding more emotion into her drawn out vocals, more production, and more power. “Red Light” swells with energy, the kind you can feel in your chest when you listen. Even the outro contains new elements, as the strings and piano we hear as the track concludes give new textures and bring the track to a stirring conclusion.

You can listen to Ramsey’s new track “Red Light” below. Her new EP The Art of Survival is set for release on September 20.