We all get lonely at times. It’s part of the human experience. It’s not a particularly fun experience, but it’s not all bad. Loneliness can help us appreciate our friends once we’re reunited, and it can make us appreciate a new relationship even more. The feeling of loneliness has inspired many songs, but nothing quite like Brooklyn songwriter Joe Marson has come up with. You have a chance to hear for yourself right now, as we’re premiering Marson’s new single “Lonely For The Last Time” here on Substream this afternoon.

You might think of a slow, melancholy song when you think of loneliness, but “Lonely For The Last Time” is anything but. The track is almost celebratory, pointing towards that end of loneliness. Marson is one of the most skilled guitar players you’re likely to hear, and he makes his guitar do a lot of work here. There’s the jaunty little line he strums to begin the song, and the big, fun riffs he busts out on the chorus will warm your heart.

The lyrical content is where Marson decided to get surreal and have even more fun. He explains “‘Lonely For The Last Time’ is a song that talks about the the universal emotion of loneliness and wraps it an abstract, strange blanket of aquatic metaphors and even a reference to internet sensation ‘Old Gregg.’”

Get ready to parse out that Old Gregg reference, then stream “Lonely For The Last Time” below.

Lonely For the Last Time cover art