Lido Beach is the brainchild of frontman Scott Waldman — and one that just recently announced their reunion back in July of 2017. The band released their debut album, Fake Hellos and Real Goodbyes, back in 2008 — and, up until their reunion, last released music in 2013 with Social Climbing.

Scott Waldman brought Lido Beach to life after having spent some time in the early-2000s in pop-rock band The City Drive, who had previously found a home on Sony/BMG. Inspired by the desire to create heartfelt and emotive lyrics on his own, Lido Beach came to be and wound up performing shows with bands like The Cab, Black Tide, American Hi-Fi, and more.

After their announced reunion in July of 2017 and a few reunion shows, Lido Beach released their first new single, “You Fell Hard,” earlier this year. While earlier in the band’s career, Waldman found himself writing in a darker mental state, he tends to come from a very different place nowadays. “‘You Fell Hard’ is an interesting song because it’s an ‘I love my wife and I love my life,’  song. So, we’ll see where I go now,” he explains.

With the help and vision of several producers, Waldman is looking to give new life to old Lido Beach tracks. This starts with “My Oh My,” a fan favorite track and one that was even played during Super Bowl XLVII in 2013. Below you will find the exclusive premiere of Waldman’s new acoustic take on this old track.

“Producer Chris Fudurich’s excitement about interpreting some of my older songs and ‘My Oh My’ made me want to revisit them. ‘My Oh My’ is the only song I’ve ever played at every Lido Beach show, and it always gets people going. People sing it. People have sung it to me in multiple states and in multiple countries. I was like, ‘Lets do this mostly for the fans.’ Hopefully, it will be the last time I record that song, but definitely not the last time I play it,” explains Waldman on his decision to re-record this specific Lido Beach track.

More music — including another reimagining of an old Lido Beach track, a cover, and brand new song — are set to be released in the near future. The band will even be performing at Revolution Bar and Music Hall on November 24th.

Additionally, you can catch Waldman on his regular Idobi Radio show, “Waldman’s Words,” every Tuesday at 8pm.