Twenty One Pilots has just released their newest single and music video, “Overcompensate”. This is the bands first single off their forthcoming album titled “Clancy”, which is set to release on May 17th. Pre-Order HERE. Over the past few weeks the band has been dropping hints that a new era of music was vast approaching. It began by adding red tape over many of their previous releases art work on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. This stirred up a lot of fans who immediately took to social media in search of answers for what the red tape was all about.

Soon after the red tape mystery came another teaser in the form of a short film called “I Am Clancy”. This was a 4:04 video narrated by Tyler Joseph who explains the inner workings of a small society living in what is explained by Tyler as a circular concrete city called Dema. Dema is located on the lower continent of Trench, a forbidden zone, ruled by a group that governs the city seeking power and what Tyler calls a highjacked religion. “I Am Clancy” references many characters and stories we have heard in the bands music over the years and quickly reached over 1 million views in less than a week.

The band has put to together a ton of great packages for this release that include limited edition vinyl, CD boxsets, cassette photo box and CD journal. All can pre-ordered HERE.