When last we heard from Taking Meds, the Brooklyn-based math-punk band was gearing up to release their debut album, My Life as a Bro. That record offered a somber and more reigned-in version of the genre than expected, trading in the vigorous high-energy hooks and purposely chaotic riffs for something introspective; choosing to implode rather than explode. That record always felt like a shower that you’ve been in for so long that the water has gone cold while you’ve watched the filth circle the drain for the hundredth time, longing for a moment of levity.

In the two years since, Taking Meds have been making quiet strides towards continued progress; working not only on the follow-up to My Life as a Bro but on maintaining sobriety and finding new ways to cope with life’s hurdles. They’re heading into the studio to record a new record this Summer, but they haven’t come to us empty-handed. You can hear a new song called “My Moon is Always Full” that comes from an EP of the same name that will be released on May 3rd. The record features three new songs and a cover of blink-182’s “I Miss You.”

“My Moon is Always Full” maintains a lot of that darkness that loomed over the band’s previous material; their brand of snark cynicism is back with sharper teeth and a taste for their own blood. The track deals with the topics of self-loathing and the difficulties of trying not to fall back into old habits, as communicated by lyrics like “I try self-care every night, but morning is the wake of self-destruction.” When asked about the track, Skylar of Taking Meds said: “The song is kind of a retrospective of my time drinking and using drugs. I’m approaching my 5th month of sobriety and so far it’s been helpful to write things out and leave reminders, so that’s basically what this is.”


Listen below.

My Moon is Always Full will be released on May 3rd. Taking Meds will be touring in support of the EP before recording a full-length later this Summer. You can find all upcoming tour dates below.