Framing Hanley have just announced that they will be releasing their new album, Envy, on February 21st via Thermal Entertainment.

Envy is the first new record from Framing Hanley since they returned from their hiatus last year, as well as their first since 2014’s The Sum of Who We Are. Three singles have already been released from Envy, as Framing Hanley has previously released “Puzzle Pieces,” “Baggage Claim,” and “Throwing Knives” as standalone singles, but will now be included on the record.

If you would have asked me when we started back in 2007 ‘what do you envision as your sound 12 years from now’,” states Framing Hanley vocalist Kenneth Nixon. “I certainly wouldn’t have predicted this — but holy hell am I excited about the evolution in this band’s music. We spent 3 years working on this album and it is undoubtedly the very best of Framing Hanley from start to finish. We needed a break in 2015 — but we’re back now, and we’re firing on all cylinders.

You can check out special pre-order bundles for Envy here.


framing hanley envy


  1. Say You Ever
  2. Bubbles
  3. Puzzle Pieces
  4. Maeve
  5. Misery
  6. Carousel
  7. The Way Down
  8. Throwing Knives
  9. Counterfeit
  10. Forgiveness Is An Art
  11. Baggage Claim
  12. Joke’s On You