It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here: Amtrac has announced his long-awaited new album. It’s a big day for fans of Amtrac, who have been waiting since 2011’s debut album, Came Along, to get a new full-length from the artist.

Today, it has been announced that RCA Records has signed Amtrac, and will be releasing his new album, Oddyssey, in 2020 via the label. Don’t let the long wait between full-length albums fool you, Caleb Cornett — operating under the moniker of Amtrac — has certainly been very busy. In the time between the records, he has put out 5 EP’s, 14 singles, and two mixtapes, and started his own label, Openers.

To keep the excitement going, Amtrac has released a new single called “Between the Lines,” giving fans their first taste of what’s to come on the new album. It’s an uplifting, catchy track that is bound to grab your attention upon the first listen.

On the new track, he says that “We tend to go through life taking things at face value, sometimes it helps to stop and take a look between the lines.”

Listen to “Between the Lines” below.