Caitlin Simon, musically known as Baby Cate, released “If I Fall,” earlier this year. The artist, who was born in Mississippi and still holds close ties with the south. She has been pursuing music her whole life. It started when she picked up the guitar at the age of 10 and taught herself to play. 

Right before high school, Caitlin discovered her love for music production by messing around with GarageBand and quickly moved on up to LogicPro. She became more confident in her talent and began posting covers on YouTube.

While attending Hostfra University in New York, Cate became part of a collaborative hip hop group called Last Hope, where she would play a big role as the mix engineer and as a featured artist. 

Moving on to 2019, she graduated and released her very first mixtape called “Baby Cate: The Mixtape.” This was her first piece of work that she wrote, produced, and mixed herself. In 2020 she followed this up with the single “We Good.” then her EP Self Love. In the fall, she went on to release her mixtape “23which received recognition from The Source and Hip Hop Weekly.

Now, at the age of 24, Baby Cate is back with her latest single ‘If I Fall.”

She comments that “The song, even though it can be catchy, is ultimately about mental health. Especially with the times we’re in, it can be a bit much sometimes. I wrote and produced the song in about 3 hours.” 

When it comes to her music, she says “I want people to want to listen to every song I make over and over again because they connect to it in some way. That’s what makes it timeless.”

Keep a close look on her social media for upcoming releases, and very relatable content: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.