Today, Kesha has released a new song called “Resentment,” which features Sturgill Simpson, Brian Wilson, and Wrabel. It’s the most recent single to come from her new album, High Road, which drops on January 31st, after getting pushed back from January 10th.

“Resentment” was originally written by Wrabel, Madi Diaz, and Jamie Floyd, with co-writing coming from Kesha and production by John Hill, and serves as a touching, country-tinged reflection on being done wrong by a lover and holding onto that negativity.

“Resentment” finds Kesha giving one of the purest vocal performances of her entire discography, delicately singing along with supporting vocals coming from Simpson, Wilson and Wrabel — each complementing her with palpable earnestness.

Sharing her inspiration behind the track, Kesha says that “Resentment is such a powerful and destructive emotion and in my experience is more complex than hate or anger,” while of the collaborators on the song she said “Brian Wilson is one of my personal musical heroes, so when he said he would collaborate with me on the recording…that moment was one of the most exciting in my career. Then add in Sturgill who I respect and admire so much, as well as my close friend the insanely talented songwriter Wrabel, and this record felt more like a dream than just another song to me.” 

Below you’ll find the music video for the track, which is also a first for Kesha, in that it was entirely self shot on her iPhone 11 Pro.

January will also find Kesha announcing a nationwide headlining US tour as well as appearing as both a performer and chat guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.




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  8. Resentment
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