Fresh off the recent release of April’s “Anthem of The Rich and Bored,” experimental rock act Baron Minker keeps the momentum going for his forthcoming project with the huge follow-up visual, titled, “How To Avoid Japan.” Driven by social studies, the rising star doubles down on a political sound that you can dance to and be so hypnotized.

“How To Avoid Japan” is a pivotal effort by the new sound. Baron Minker shares a personal side while displaying an undeniable groove infused with a diverse set of sounds involving Pop, Electronics and Rock. Mid-tempo, the entity created by Dane Forst reveals a self-loathing track that will easily be identified as the album’s crown jewel.

Dane Forest of Baron Minker on the song:

“The song is about making decisions too hastily or not hastily enough and the difficulty in choosing. To think way bigger than you currently do and not allow the woes of the world to change your dreams while remaining grounded in some semblance of reality. In this case, avoiding Japan represents a personal desire to resist running away to new worlds to try and chase happiness. Being happy where you are and making the most of it is sometimes the wisest choice. I have had a lot of luck in my life when I’ve left where I was to pursue new goals and explore new worlds and it’s hard sometimes to go “Actually, here is good enough for now. I should stick it out and see what happens. When things get difficult, I have this deep desire to drift off to new places as if I expect I’ll then be a new person without the same issues. It’s not that you can’t explore new places, just don’t expect that external location to change you, fundamentally. It’s challenging the idea of the ever-evolving fantasy life humans tend to dangle in front of themselves in order to escape.”

Both “Anthem of the Rich and Bored” and “How To Avoid Japan” will appear on Baron Minker’s self-titled album this Summer on own imprint.