It often doesn’t feel like it, but life is a mighty long endeavor. Most of us are hopefully around for decades and decades, but even just a year or a month can feel like it stretches. There are so many things to do, people to meet, and life to live in our time here. It can be a challenge to find the things that truly matter and focus on what will make us as happy and fulfilled as we can be. Taylor Phelan knows the fight to live to the fullest, and he’s crafted a message imploring everyone else to do the same with new single “Long Way Down.” The song is an anthem for finding what drives you and nurturing it, and we’re excited to premiere it here on Substream today!

“Long Way Down” is the first single from 2 of 2, the upcoming EP from Phelan and the sequel EP to his EP 1 of 2, which was released last year. For those familiar with Phelan, it’s an excellent continuation of his musical journey, and it’s the perfect place to jump in for new fans. “Long Way Down” is a quintessential rock anthem, a booming chorus of guitars and drums with just enough distortion to give it a relatable, lived-in feeling to the track. “It gets easier/the more you have to lose,” Phelan belts through the song, driving home that having something you care about or want to cherish makes for excellent motivation for life.

Asked about the song, Phelan says “There’s a metaphysical impact for every decision we make. We all have a habit of obsessing over things that keep us from being present, which causes us to miss out on the real stuff. Some of us spend our lives stacking up insignificant memories and experiences, but we won’t realize it until it’s over. ‘Long Way Down’ is a song about the way we spend our time. It’s looking back over a life and realizing that the taller the tower is, the farther the fall will be.”

Listen to “Long Way Down” below. Taylor Phelan’s EP 2 of 2 is set for release on June 8. Current fans of Phelan: that’s time for your anticipation to build. New fans: just enough time for you to catch up on all of Phelan’s music. Get to it.

taylor phelan 2 cover art

Featured photo courtesy of Mike Windle