A solo Venom movie has been kicking around Hollywood for years now, and in February we finally got to see the first teaser for it. While that teaser had a lot of Tom Hardy as protagonist Eddie Brock, there was nary a glance at our titular alien friend. That is no longer a concern, as the monstrous parasite is on full display in the new trailer for Venom.

The trailer shows Brock as he investigates a seedy corporation doing some questionable experiments. Those experiments revolve around an alien creature they found, known as a Symbiote. When Hardy is encouraged to dig deeper by a whistleblower played by Jenny Slate, Brock and the Symbiote merge when his task goes wrong. At first we just get teases of this new union, with gooey black tentacles bursting out from Brock as hired goons try to capture him and a sinister voice speaking in his head. After a few more action scenes and the new buddies coming to an arrangement about their powers, we finally see Venom in all his glory. Everything about him looks perfect, starting with his fanged mouth swallowing Brock’s head during the transformation, the icky alien texture to him, and that gnarly tongue. It’s everything a Venom fan could have possibly asked for in the character.

You can see the transformation for yourself in the new Venom trailer above. The film is set for a spooky release date of October 5, and also stars Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams. Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) fills the directing chair.