I had a chance to talk with BUDDERSIDE’s vocalist Patrick Stone about seven musicians/rock stars/bands who could actually be from another planet. This is not a joke. We did such with one word to describe each honoree. Ready? Ok.


  1. Freddie Mercury


PS: Transcendent.


SW: Performer.


  1. Scott Weiland


PS: Magical.


SW: Outworldly. 


  1. Prince


PS: Alien.


SW: Supremacy. 


  1. Pink Floyd (all members tied at all points in their career)


PS: Supernatural.


SW: Psychedelic.


  1. Keith Richards


PS: Indestructible.


SW: Unintelligible.


  1. Mick Jagger


PS: Mutant.


SW: Centerpiece.


  1. Michael Jackson


PS: Unbelievable.


SW: King.


And that’s it. Listen to Budderside’s recent single “Pardon Me” (featuring Phil Campbell) here.