Introducing Follow Me Dark.

An emerging new Alternative Rock band out of Grass Valley with catchy sound of futuristically great music. Today, the new band provides the world with their first impression in four-track debut, intriguingly titled, Stars Collide.

For Stars Collide, the band adopts a similar sound of storytelling that made greats out of legends like Alice In Chains, Deftones and Muse. Gritty guitar riffs paired with soaring vocals has coined them an energy that is truly larger than life. Weaving in and out of organic harmonies and emotional breakdowns, the EP remains compelling from beginning to end.

Follow Me Dark includes a foursome of Stephen Kozak (vocals/guitar), Sean Batinic (guitar), Elliott Grove (bass) and Jim Boots (drums). The band built a following with a creative texture and an overwhelming abundance of melody. The fans love the new band which shows in their steadily growing streaming average.

On making the project, the band’s lead Stephen Kozak says, ““There’s a tension in the music that reflects the tension of the times and I think the question we want to ask our audience is, can you face the outer darkness as a reflection of something internal? In other words, can you embrace the darkness that is a part of you and everyone else?”

Stars Collide follows the project’s lead single “As She Feeds”. Sharing a strong interpersonal dynamic, the band easily taps into new and undiscovered dimensions, widening their appeal to an array of engaged listeners. Among the hit includes the group’s breakout song, “Ancient Ones”. Stars Collide is the perfect beginning for any new fan discovery which will naturally extend into the band’s social media. Stars Collide is streaming now on all DSP.