Chicago rock band Belmont have just released another anthemic, pop-punk single titled “Dark Paradise.”

The single will appear on their new album, Liminal, which is out April 12th via Pure Noise Records. It follows the previously released “All Bite,” “Liminal,” and “SSX Trickmont” as teases of what fans can expect on their third studio album.

“‘Dark Paradise’ is one of the more emotionally cathartic songs on the record,” Belmont guitarist Jason Inguagiato says. “To me, it’s like the spiritual successor to ‘Advanced Darkness,’ the final track off our last record ‘Aftermath.’ The chorus melodically and harmonically has an uplifting energy to it while somehow still maintaining the somber and existential undertones that are characteristic of this record. To me, this song is a piece of the ‘Liminal’ puzzle that is irreplaceable.”

“‘Dark Paradise’ discusses the shame and regret behind living in a dissociative state and how it can leave you feeling vacant of emotion, like a stranger to those you love,” Belmont vocalist Taz Johnson adds about the lyrics. “The overwhelming feeling of nothingness that was once soothing becomes a fight for survival unless you learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Listen to “Dark Paradise” below and pre-order Liminal here.


Belmont liminal


  1. SSX Trickmont
  2. Two’s A Party
  3. Liminal
  4. Day By Day
  5. Moxie
  6. Dark Paradise
  7. All Bite
  9. Counterfeit
  10. N2
  11. Play Pretend
  12. I Don’t Really Care