Introducing Ben Wylen.

A charismatic new singer/songwriter inspired by a wide variety of pop artists like Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. Linking up with talented producer Danton Supple in London, the buzzworthy singer prepares his full-length debut, starting with his new single, intriguingly-titled, “Veins”.

“Veins” is a catchy but twisted love song about discovering love in the most usual ways. Throughout the track, Wylen expresses his unsure feelings and what it means to have magnetic chemistry that can’t be explained but it feels addictive.

“When I wrote this song, I was really into writing stories that could be interpreted in two completely unrelated ways,” he wrote about the song’s concept. “Depending on who you are, you might think this is a love song. It’s not. At least not in the way you might initially think.”

“Veins” is the lead up to Wylen’s big introduction. Wylen is set to release his debut album, titled, People Say, late-2020. The debut is a gorgeous, confessional 12-track record defiant in the face of what the whispers say, and rules others think people have to live by. Set to hit the road before the debut release, continue to follow Ben Wylen’s journey on Instagram.

Take a listen to “Veins” below. For more Ben Wylen music like this, follow the rising star on Soundcloud.