Activity is a new avant four-piece who refuse to fall into the norms of indie rock through a natural, minimal, and intelligent use of modern implements. They formed just a year ago in New York City, as vocalist/sampler Travis Johnson, drummer Steve Levine, basalt Zoe Browne, and guitarist Jess Rees came together to breathe life into the genre.

Altogether, Activity worked with engineer/producer Jeff Berber and crafted their debut album, Unmask Whoever, which will be released on March 27th via Western Vinyl. Unmask Whoever manages to form a menacing framework that lyrically tackles subjects such as paranoia, character flaws, and the overall capacity for growth of humans.

Today, Activity have released the debut single and music video from the album called “Calls Your Name.” The track works to establish the records ominous aura with electronic bells, and haunting drum beats beneath a half-sung/half-spoken lyrical performance inspired by C.S. Lewis’ 1945 novel The Great Divorce.

You can watch the new video below.




  1. In Motion
  2. Calls Your Name
  3. Spring (Low Life)
  4. Nude Prince
  5. Looming
  6. Earth Angel
  7. Heartbeats
  8. I Like the Boys
  9. Violent and Vivisect
  10. Auto Sad

Tour Dates:

02/27: Brooklyn, NY – Union Pool
04/02: Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s All Right (Release Party)
04/16: Washington, DC – Rhizome
04/17: Richmond, VA – Fuzzy Cactus
04/18: Philadelphia, PA – Ortlieb’s