Pittsburgh-born and Grammy-nominated artist/producer Kevin Garrett has released his new single, “Faith You Might

On the new track, Garrett shares, “‘Faith You Might’ is about longing for something to last, but being aware you’re getting older and might not be on the same page with the object of your affection, no matter how much you want to be.” He continues on, “Conceptually, it’s how we react to a breakup or losing something.”

In addition to the single release, Kevin Garrett has announced the release of his new album, HOAX, which will be released on March 22nd via AWOL.

You can pre-order HOAX here and below you will find the album artwork and track-listing.

kevin garrett hoax

  1. Warn
  2. Faith You Might
  3. Running From
  4. It Don’t Bother Me At All
  5. Smoke
  6. Title Track
  7. How Dare We Fall
  8. Just Because
  9. Telescopes
  10. Love You Less
  11. Don’t Rush
  12. In Case I Don’t Feel
  13. Like We Used To