New Jersey alt-indie band Wyland have released an official music video for their single “Nowhere Now”, premiered earlier this week on Atwood Magazine.

The video, shot on a rare & discontinued camera (a Digital Ikonoskop A-Cam dii), is quite pleasing to look at. Directed by vocalist Ryan Sloan and starring Catharine Daddario, the “Nowhere Now” music video features beautiful cinematography and details the story of a woman goes through life differently after a camera shows up unmanned at her door.

“I only know of 2 or 3 in all of the US, and we were lucky enough to find one [near]by us,” explains photography director Matt Bastos, speaking of the rare camera. “The ergonomics were difficult, and so was the use of software. I found myself almost regretting it, until I saw that beautiful footage that the sensor captured.“ Beautiful it was indeed. The video itself even has to do with a camera and what one sees; the woman in the video has her perspective on life change when she receives a mysterious camera at her doorstep. Sometimes all we need is a new lens to change how we see things.

“I wrote the chorus to this song while in a hotel room in Austin, TX,” Sloan says about the single. “The band was out on the streets of SXSW and I isolated myself to work out this melody in my head. The verses came to life right before we left for Ireland. I was working a pretty horrible job at a prison in Hudson County, New Jersey where the rest of the song came pouring out. I don’t want to tell you specifically what the tune means to me because then it would become that for you. So instead, let the song speak for itself and your interpretation is all that matters.”

Watch the Ikonoskop A-Cam dii’s stunning footage for “Nowhere Now” below.

Wyland formed in 2015 and began to grow in popularity from their “wildly theatrical” live performances in the underground music scene of New York City. Their sound lies somewhere between Snow Patrol, Walk the Moon, and Elbow. Their upcoming EP, In a Circuitry of Lonely, will be be released sometime in early 2019.