Producer John Ferrara knows his shit. His former full-time band Trophy Scars has had a lot of success and his production discography expands for the better each month. John helped me advise/vent the creative public below. Read if you like learning things:

  1. Please please please have realistic expectations. –

There are so many bands that expect to be rockstars without the proper efforts work to make it happen. If you hire a publicist and release one song, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. The same analogy works for labels, managers, agents, and practically every single gatekeeper. Yes there are exceptions but you likely won’t be one. Temper your thoughts. 

2. Please please please invest in yourself – 

You are a business. Being in a band is no different than any startup or corporation in that regard. No gatekeeper wants to make a bad investment on a product that won’t put in the time and effort in to do it by itself. Everything from recording, merchandise, promotion, live show, and anything related to the growth of the business should be on professional level. This sounds like common sense (like pretty much everything), but sadly, it isn’t. 

3. Please please please utilize all of the many resources designed to help you – 

You have the internet. You have a library card. If you don’t, get one. There are SO many free resources out there that can actually help you grow your band/brand/business. Utilize. You only have yourself to blame if you don’t. 

4. Please please please be original –

Obviously we all take influence from the artists that we love. However, you should always try to be yourself. Authenticity is easy to spot. Fakes are too. Chasing whatever is popular at the moment KILLS bands. By the time you caught up to that “current” sound, people have moved on to something trendier. It’s ok to be different. It’s good to be different. The artists that we are influenced by got to where they are by standing out, and not by being the next (insert band name here). 

5. Be kind –

Please please please don’t be a fucking dick. 

We need a coffee. Thanks for making it to the bottom of this piece. Now do the work!