Sometimes it’s refreshing to get away from the massive pop hits on today’s radio or the fast-paced rock tunes put forth from huge bands like Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy. And the new self-titled EP from Patsy is the perfect place to start.

Patsy is the stage-name for New York-based Patrick Carroll and he’s ready to show the world what he has. His five-track self-titled collection, officially due out tomorrow (March 1st) through Beach Channel Records, features huge singles like “Fucking Amazing” and “Why Am I Waiting On You?” while also strutting along big hits in deeper tracks like “Tryna Keep My Cool.” Patsy is a phenomenal EP with a lot for so many to connect with.

Regarding the EP, Carroll offers a statement: “Thanks for checking out my debut EP. In an ever more robotic world, this music was made by humans… and my dog. We tracked it in a big beautiful room full of wood and tube amplifiers, 100 steps from Rockaway Beach. It’s about desperately being yourself. The visual companion my wife made just couldn’t fit nicer with the music and the message and I’m very lucky to have her.”

Each track below has a video accompanying it. Carroll’s wife and filmmaker, Laura Nesci, explains, “I shot six or so rolls of super 8 film over the course of a year, which happened to be the same year Patsy was crafting his EP. It’s a love letter to our hometown of Rockaway, the people we love here, the recurring memories and repetition of everyday life and work superimposed over the magic of people working together in creative process.”

Check out the full EP below today, exclusively through Substream.

Don’t Tread On My Altar”

“Why Am I Waiting On You?”

“Fucking Amazing”

“Tryna Keep My Cool”

“Call That Love”