They say time is always leaving no matter what you do. People grow up, move on, and change, all of which is completely inevitable. The only thing we have control over is how we react to the constant evolution happening in and around us at all times. Some handle it far better than others, but to say there is any one ‘right way’ would be foolish. As long as you remember to live in the moment, preferably with The Millenium as your soundtrack, life will be livable.

Today we are thrilled to share the world premiere of The Millenium’s music video for “Wild Again”. The Tim Olsen directed video find the pop punk favorites channeling the cult classic Nickelodeon series The Adventures of Pete & Pete into a four and a half minute ode to appreciating the little things that make existence so wonderful. You can view the clip above.

When asked to discuss the song and video, The Millenium told us:

“We’re all growing up and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Friends are moving away and getting married, starting careers and college. Everything we said we would do is slowly fading away into the normality of what we’re actually doing, but not all is lost.

“Wild Again” is a song about nostalgia and moving on. It’s about looking back at who you were, and how you’re growing into who you are. It’s about cherishing the memories you have but not holding them so close that you can’t move on. It’s about finding the little moments in life that end up meaning the most.

One of most nostalgic parts of our childhood, and the inspiration for the video, was the television. Disney channel original movies, Nickelodeon, TGIF, Cartoon Network, and everything in between.

Please enjoy, and run wild again.”

“Wild Again” appears on The Millenium’s debut full-length album, but do we ever ask ourselves? You can find the album on iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere else music is available online.

The Millenium are currently on tour supporting 7 Minutes In Heaven. You really need to see this band live, so make it a point to do so at one of the remaining dates listed below:

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